Corona virus Travel Restrictions

Are you really curious about your next trip and wondering when you can travel next? With the Covid-19 pandemic, you will find many domestic, International travel restrictions, quarantine regulations, and entry bans across the world.

For a long period, there has been a decreased willingness to travel which has also resulted in negative economic growth. But these restrictions cannot be kept for long. After all, this is the new NORMAL. We have to start living with this reality by taking care of necessary precautions.

There have been numerous concerns raised about travel and the effectiveness of travel restrictions.

Research has indicated that travel restrictions have mild effects on the spread of covid-19. It has to be combined with prevention and control measures to reduce the transmissions. It has also been observed that travel restrictions are the most useful in the initial or the late phases of a pandemic.

As per the latest reports from UNWTO, close to 70% of destinations have lifted their travel restrictions. These countries have eased the restrictions on travel in response to the pandemic. There are very few countries that have completely sealed their borders for international tourists. 

UNWTO- United Nations World Tourism Organization has kept track of measures undertaken by 217 destinations across the world. Their objective has been to offer insights into the tourism flows for specific destinations, and create a dedicated link between health infrastructure, and any connection related to travel restrictions.

The lifting of restrictions is critical to drive the social and economic performance of the countries across the globe.

  • Concerning September when only 115 destinations have eased the restrictions, the number steadily rose to 152 in November. And it is continuing to grow.
  • Governments are playing an active role, by releasing the restriction with necessary travel advice. Efforts are being made to lift the restrictions in a phased manner while taking care of safety concerns for the citizens.

Destinations that eased restrictions faster

As per the UNWTO reports, the countries with higher scores in health and hygiene factors have eased restrictions faster. These countries have also implemented different approached to ensure safety whole implementing restrictions.

On the other hand, destinations that have chosen to keep their borders sealed are the ones presently within the emerging economies with low performance in health and hygiene factors. The majority of these destinations have been in Asia & the Pacific.

  • Regional analysis

UNWTO also researched the restrictions based on regions. Europe has led the way by easing travel restrictions and further followed by the USA, Africa, and the Middle East in comparison to Asia. 

  • Respective Government plays an important role in restarting tourism. There are several governments that have issued guidance advising against nonessential international travel, and evidence-based assessments.

For the ones, who are quite eager to resume their international travel, here is a list of few destinations that allows them to enter. But there may be a few restrictions which you should definitely check before you enter the regions.

  • Albania
    No corona virus test is needed and there are no quarantine requirements. You can travel freely in this region.
  • Armenia

Travelers are required to present a negative PCR test and it has to be taken 72 hours before the arrival. Visitors can also get the test at the airport and are required to quarantine until the results of the report are available. If there are symptoms found in travelers then they need to self-quarantine for 14 days.

  • Bahamas

Travelers above the age of 10 years are required to upload a negative PCR report taken not more than 5 days before the arrival. Once the travelers are in the Bahamas, they must take a rapid corona virus test. They must agree to mandatory Covid-19 health insurance when applying for the visa.

  • Belarus

No coronavirus test is needed when you reach here and there are no quarantine requirements.

  • Brazil

Travelers are required to provide negative RT-PCR test results which should be taken within 72 hours before their flight. Those arriving by land are required to have authorization from the Federal Police and a note from the U.S. Embassy

  • Colombia

Colombia allows travelers to enter by air, with a negative result from a Covid-19 test taken within the previous 96 hours even for infants. There are no quarantine requirements for passengers.

  • Egypt

Travels are allowed to enter with proof of a negative Covid-19 test which should be taken within 96 hours of arrival. They are also required to provide proof of health insurance.

  • Egypt

Travels are allowed to enter with proof of a negative Covid-19 test which should be taken within 96 hours of arrival. They are also required to provide proof of health insurance.

  • Maldives

The Maldives has also eased the travel restrictions and visitors over 1 year of age must have proof of a negative PCR test taken not more than 96 hours. They must submit an online health declaration form within 24 hours of departure.

These are just a few of many destinations that have eased the travel restrictions.

To control the spread of COVID-19, governments are leaving no stone unturned around the world to provide safety measures. They have clearly recommended against all but essential travel to certain destinations, with quarantine the citizens returning from other affected countries.

While governments, health care workers are doing their best to control the corona virus, a new stain has spread which seems to be more contagious than the other. So while the health care workers put in their efforts, let’s do our best and travel with care, precautions, and necessary measures.

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